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Description : 

The CAVE at the ETC is a three walled front projection space with a motion floor that allows the user to be surrounded by the experience.


Cavemen is a group of 7 students from the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University.  The CAVE offers a unique set of design challenges that we will explore to provide unprecedented immersive experiences. Using interactive design, unique gameplay and innovative platforms such as the PS Move and Kinect, our final product will be a CAVE experience that is enjoyable for everyone.


Website :


Role : 

Producer : 

  • As a producer on the team, I am responsible for creating a phase schedule for the project and dividing the schedule into smaller 1-week sprints for our AGILE process using SCRUM

  • I also run our SCRUM stand-up, sprint planning, sprint retrospective, team and instructor meetings

Programmer : 

  • In addition to producing, I am also a programmer on the team

  • I am working with different platforms like Kinect & PS Moves to create various small prototypes to learn more about the CAVE

  • I am programming different gameplay features like simulation a boomerang motion, creating minimaps, jumping/dodging mechanics(kinect) etc




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