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Zombie Evolution

Description : 

This is my first game ever. Made in DirectX 9.0 using C++ ( was provided the starter code for window handling and rendering images). In the game, zombies evolve and develop consciousness. You play as the collective consciousness of the zombies. You can control one zombie at a time. You start with one zombie and once a zombie reaches the goal without getting killed, it kills the human on the other side and recruits them in their herd as a zombie. Your goal is to have 6 zombies in the herd at the same time. Since this was an individual project, I was the programmer and designer. 


Coding the gameplay included following : 


  • ​​Writing physics to simulate projectile motion for the cannonballs

  • Writing state-based AI for three levels of difficulty in the game

  • Animation system, connecting inputs to gameplay features etc


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